DiniTech as an OEM partner

DiniTech is already working as a partner for OEMs, energy providers, automobile clubs, and other clients.
As an existing TIER 1 supplier, DiniTech GmbH also delivers directly to the series equipment.

The production is in-house and includes both hardware and software. Furthermore, customized solutions tailored to customer requirements can be provided. Additionally, NRGkick is validated and certified by VDE and ÖVE. Not only the charging unit, but also the production process monitored by DiniTech GmbH has been certified. All of this is monitored by an internal quality management system, external regular audits, and customer checks.

The product itself meets the highest standards and is continuously being developed. Through years of experience in the market and innovative activities, we are leaders in many areas. Furthermore, safety is a key highlight. As the only charging unit on the market, NRGkick, for example, features temperature monitoring on all phase pins for all available smart attachments. Thus, the risk is minimized in many areas.

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